Apprenticeships provide a unique opportunity for small businesses to grow a skilled and loyal team in an affordable and sustainable way. However, despite the opportunity they present, the take up of apprenticeships in small businesses is less than half that of large businesses. The core objective of Apprenticemakers is to help redress that balance by making apprenticeships more accessible to small businesses through three main activities:

  1. Peer to peer support – encouraging those that have ‘been there and got the teeshirt’, employers and apprentices, to share their experiences and knowledge with those that are new to apprenticeships.
  2. Increasing knowledge amongst businesses – providing inspiration, education and resources that will help businesses understand how apprenticeships will work for them.
  3. Supporting the business support networks – providing those individuals that interact with businesses most regularly with up to date and relevant information about apprenticeships so that they can encourage apprenticeships uptake and support businesses through the process.

To help achieve that goal we have developed a suite of training courses for champions, businesses, training organisations and business support professionals which build apprenticeships knowledge, championing skills, interpersonal skills and an understanding of the pressures facing small businesses to create the perfect support structure for businesses.

Apprenticemakers is part of the SFEDI Group and therefore all of these courses are based on the national standards for enterprise skills and enterprise support. They are also quality assured and certificated by SFEDI’s learning institute, the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs (IOEE).

1_Apprenticeships Champion-Business support

Championing Apprenticeships: For apprentice employers, training providers and apprenticeship professionals

This one day workshop has been designed to train a cohort of volunteer champions with the knowledge and skills that will help them effectively support apprenticeships uptake amongst businesses in their region and sector. It will help them understand the skills and behaviours an effective champion needs, how using a mentoring approach can help them support businesses, how the benefits can be communicated to different audiences and how they can put the Apprenticemakers Champion role into practice. Finally it will help delegates create an action plan to take away and use in their role as an Apprenticemakers Champion.

2_Apprenticeships Champion- Apprentices

Championing Apprenticeships: For apprentices

This one day workshop has been designed to train a cohort of apprentices with the knowledge and skills that will help them confidently champion apprenticeships amongst budding apprentices and businesses. It will help them understand the skills and behaviours an effective champion needs, how the benefits can be communicated to different audiences, how they can develop their networking and presentation skills to support the role, and finally how they can create an action plan to take away and use in their role as a champion.

3_Understanding Apprenticeships_Business Support

Understanding Apprenticeships: For business professionals

This half day workshop aims to provide business professionals with the information they need to apply apprenticeships knowledge to their role. It will help them understand how apprenticeships are currently structured and funded and the upcoming changes to this process in the coming months. It will also help them understand the process of apprenticeships recruitment and employment for businesses of all sizes, the role of a training provider and the benefits of apprenticeships for businesses. They will also have the chance to evaluate their learning and consider how they can add this learning to their CPD plan.

4_Understanding Apprenticeships_SMES

Understanding Apprenticeships: For businesses new to apprenticeships

This half day workshop has been designed to help people working in small businesses understand how they can approach the apprenticeships process to get the best results for their business. It will help delegates understand the process of apprenticeships recruitment and employment, and selecting the right provider for their needs. It will also cover the funding, support and wider opportunities available to employers of apprentices.

5_Getting Apprenticeship Ready_SMEs

Getting Apprenticeship Ready: For new apprentice employers

This half day workshop provides practical ideas and guidance to help a business prepare for recruiting an apprentice. Designed to either work as a stand alone workshop or follow the ‘Understanding Apprenticeships’ workshop, this session provides ideas on how to successfully recruit, employ and manage apprentices.

6_Mentoring Apprentices

Mentoring apprentices: For business owners, managers and team leaders

This one day workshop provides an understanding of the role of the mentor and the skills and behaviours needed for anyone taking on a mentoring role with apprentices in a business. It is an interactive and thought provoking session that will develop mentoring tools and a clear framework that will also be useful for managers in their wider people management role.


Ask An Apprenticemaker

‘Ask An Apprenticemaker’, is a business event based on the UK Meet A Mentor events which have been successfully run by SFEDI for a number of years. This event aims to bring together employers, business support, training organisations and budding employers in an inspirational and fast moving speed networking session that will supercharge apprenticeships take up in that region or sector. More info.


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