Manufacturing and Engineering Webinar

In this webinar two employers, who have been instrumental in creating successful Apprenticeship programmes in their own businesses, share what they’ve learnt along the way.

First up was Ben Clarke from Superior Seals, a business which took on its first two engineering apprentices in 2009, and having recognised their value and contribution to the business, rapidly developed its own Apprenticeship programme. The firm, which is a leading manufacturer of high integrity o-rings and seals, now takes on five new apprentices annually and has invested £1 million in a dedicated training academy.

The second presenter was Anne Wilson is the managing director of Numill Ltd., a Sheffield-based engineering firm that repairs and manufactures cutting tools. Numill has taken on apprentices in the past and, in the last few years, has reintroduced its scheme. There are currently three apprentices in the business.

The speakers will explain what led their businesses to recruit apprentices, how they went about it and what they have learnt along the way about recruiting and employing apprentices.

The Webinar was facilitated by Sophie Hardwick at Apprenticemakers.

The Apprenticemaker LIVE webinars bring the Apprenticemakers community to life by encouraging the sharing of best practice, ideas and challenges.

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