Ask The Degree Apprentices!

In this webinar, Apprenticemakers will provide an overview of Degree Apprenticeships, and how they’re working across the country, and then will hand over the reins to Degree apprentices at Astra Zeneca to talk about how they work in practice, and the benefits for business.

We’re inviting them to answer some of the questions regularly asked by employers, including:

• What are Degree apprentices? How do they work in practice?
• What are the benefits of Degree Apprenticeships for business?
• Are Degree Apprenticeships becoming a first choice option for undergraduates?
• What are the key ingredients of a good apprenticeship from the perspective of the apprentice?
• What makes one employer more appealing than another when job hunting?
• What support can help Degree apprentices settle in to the business?
• What level of support is required throughout the apprenticeship?
• What should a Degree apprentice earn and is it enough?
• How can we make Degree apprenticeships the first choice for young people leaving school and college?

Join our team of apprentices and discover what makes apprenticeships work for the apprentices themselves!

The Degree apprentices will share their own experiences and then answer questions from the floor.

The speakers are members of a team of apprentices competing for the Brathay Apprentice Challenge 2017, an annual competition which invites teams to compete to become the apprentice team of the year.