All About Apprenticeships In 2017

All About Apprenticeships In 2017

Apprenticeships funding is changing from May 2017.

Join Apprenticemakers for this free webinar which provides a whirlwind guide to:

  • What apprenticeships are and who can do them
  • How to get started with apprenticeships
  • How to find the right training provider
  • The cost and resource requirements for your business
  • The funding available (now and from May 2017)

We will also cover some other upcoming changes to apprenticeships including:

  • The move from frameworks to standards – what are these and is it important for my business to know the difference?
  • The introduction of the apprenticeship levy and who’s liable – if your business has a payroll of over £3m, yes!
  • Degree apprenticeships and how businesses can find out about them

We will also be answering questions from delegates throughout, or if time doesn’t allow can answer questions after the webinar.

Joining this webinar is Phil Warnock from Ginger Nut, a business which has successfully employed apprentices for many years, and now helps to train apprentices for other businesses. Phil will share his experience of recruiting and supporting apprentices in his business and his thoughts on the upcoming changes.

This webinar is free. Apprenticemakers is an impartial nationwide not for profit service to support SMEs interested in apprenticeships.

Date and time: Tue, Feb 21, 2017 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM GMT