4_Understanding Apprenticeships_SMESThis half day workshop has been designed to help people working in small businesses understand how apprenticeships work and how they can approach the process to get the best results for their business.

Who is it for?

This course is for people who will have an active part to play in recruiting and employing one or more apprentices in their business.

It is relevant for:

  • Business owners and directors of small and medium sized businesses.
  • HR professionals that work closely with businesses to support their recruitment and employment processes.

By the end of the workshop delegates will be able to:

  • Understand how apprenticeships are structured and funded and the upcoming changes in the apprenticeships landscape

  • Understand the process of apprenticeships recruitment and employment for small and medium sized businesses

  • Understand the role of a training provider and how apprentices and the importance of selecting the right provider for their needs

  • Understand the support and opportunities available to employers of apprentices

  • Understand the benefits of apprenticeships and the opportunities they present to businesses

  • Evaluate their learning and have a CPD plan to support their continued learning

Delegates will receive:

  • Apprenticemakers overview of the apprenticeships process

  • Access to Apprenticemakers to connect with budding and existing employers and to receive the monthly newsletter.


Feedback forms will assess learner experience directly after the event and a follow up evaluation form will assess the impact of the learning after an agreed period.

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