If you are an employer involved in a Trailblazer here’s how Apprenticemakers can support and promote the activities of your Trailblazer group.

Our objective is to help small businesses access information about upcoming Trailblazer activity as well as connect with other businesses with apprenticeships experience.

  • Employers involved in Trailblazers can join Apprenticemakers for free and connect with businesses in their sector. 
  • Trailblazers can set up a Trailblazer Group in the community to enable relevant businesses to get updates, ask questions, and share relevant documents.
  • Joining Apprenticemakers is free and once businesses are in the community they can join the group for free too!
  • Apprenticemakers can host a webinar which features a business in the relevant sector that has taken on one or more apprentices to encourage new small businesses to consider apprenticeships. The webinar could also then cover information about the new Trailblazer and how businesses can get involved. Apprenticemakers can set this up and invite a business from the Trailblazer group to chair the webinar.
  • Apprenticemakers can also feature a case study from a relevant business too, maybe the same as the one in the webinar above.
  • Apprenticemakers can also host a blog about the Trailblazer so far and how small businesses can get involved.
  • Trailblazers can share the many resources developed by Apprenticemakers to help businesses navigate the apprenticeships process too.
  • And finally, Apprenticemakers can help spread the word about the Trailblazer by including info in the Apprenticemakers newsletter and via our TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn feeds too.

What are Trailblazers? Read the Q&A guide from Apprenticemakers.