6_Mentoring ApprenticesThis one day workshop provides an introduction to mentoring for those taking on a mentoring role to support apprentices. It is an interactive and thought provoking session that develops an individual’s skills and abilities as an apprentice mentor. The workshop also supports individuals with their wider people management skills.

Who is it for?

This course is for people who will have an active part to play in supporting apprentices. It is relevant for:

  • Anyone that has a mentoring role to support one or more apprentice.
  • Business owners and directors that aim to draw on mentoring skills to support their apprentices and other employees.
  • HR professionals that are implementing mentoring schemes in their business and want to explore how mentoring can support apprentices.
  • Line managers and team leaders that aim to draw on mentoring skills when supporting apprentices with their developmental requirements.
  • Existing or ex-apprentices that are peer mentors for new apprentices.

By the end of the workshop delegates will be able to:

  • Understand the mentoring role and the key skills and abilities required.
  • Reflect on their skills, abilities and experiences and how these can be applied to the mentoring role.
  • Understand core mentoring skills, including building trust and rapport and developing listening and questioning skills.
  • Plan mentoring meetings to create a successful mentoring relationship.
  • Recognise issues in the mentoring relationship and understand how to address them.
  • Develop a Continuous Development Plan to support their mentoring role.

What is the workshop style?

The learning objectives are achieved through a mixture of taught sessions, practical activities and discussions. The varied teaching approach helps delegates truly understand the skills and abilities by underpinning learning with role play and discussion activities. The learning is supported throughout with a detailed workbook which also provides an opportunity for the delegates to take notes at key points. The mentors take this workbook away for future reference. The workshop is best suited to a maximum of 14 learners.

Delegates will receive

  • The Apprenticemakers’ ‘Developing Mentoring Skills to Support Apprentices’ Workbook
  • A Self Evaluation Checklist
  • A Mentor Meeting template
  • A Continuous Development Plan template
  • A Guide to Action Learning – a guide to support group mentoring as a mentor.


Feedback forms will assess learner experience directly after the event.

The trainer

Our trainers have extensive experience of delivering mentor training in numerous and diverse settings. Also, as mentors themselves, they can draw on their own knowledge and experience to support learners questions throughout.

Optional extras (additional costs available on request)

  • A follow up Evaluation Survey to assess the impact of the learning after an agreed period.
  • A follow up Review Workshop (half day), held about 2-3 months after the first workshop to provide participants with the opportunity to reconvene and bring their own mentoring scenarios and experiences to the workshop and gain a refresher on the skills and techniques that can support practice going forwards.
  • Mentor and Mentee Pocketbooks to use in the workplace and to share with colleagues throughout the organisation.
  • Bespoke elements supporting your organisation’s specific apprenticeship requirements, such as ‘how to support an apprentice with their development record’.
  • Sector/organisational specific scenarios and case studies.
  • Sector/organisational specific branding and photography in the workbook and other workshop materials.
  • Consultation support on the activities to put in place to implement a mentoring programme.
  • Professional recognition and Certification for each learner.

Why choose Apprenticemakers

Apprenticemakers is a not for profit activity run by the SFEDI (Small Firms Enterprise Development Initiative) Group. The SFEDI Group works on a range of national activities and projects to support the skills development of small and micro businesses. SFEDI has extensive knowledge and experience in the area of mentoring and has developed mentoring programmes for businesses and organisations of all sizes. SFEDI also delivered the nationwide Get Mentoring programme which recruited and trained 15,000 volunteer mentors for small businesses.

When you select a training course from Apprenticemakers you are contributing to the continued activities of Apprenticemakers which is working to make apprenticeships more accessible to SME businesses through peer to peer support, SME focused resources, and access to news and case studies showcasing small business success with apprenticeships.

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