Apprenticemakers has been developed to help apprentice employers across the country make connections and ask each other questions about the benefits and challenges associated with recruiting apprentices.

The Apprenticemaker community is not currently open to professionals from training organisations as its key focus is to encourage peer to peer support, developing into longer term mentoring relationships, between business owners and others involved in the Apprenticeship process.

We recognise however that training organisations are a wealth of information and guidance on Apprenticeships and one of the roles of Apprenticemakers is to encourage more businesses to recognise that a good training organisation can be an invaluable partner when bring Apprenticeships into their business.

Support for businesses you’re working with

Although the community is in its early stages we anticipate that those businesses that have had great experiences with their training organisations will want to share these experiences with others. Therefore if you work with a number of businesses you may want to encourage them to sign up and share their experiences amongst their peers. Word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool and therefore employers that have had a great experience with your organisation will be keen to share that experience.

Apprenticemakers is a fantastic opportunity to create a community of enthusiastic champions and supporters of apprentices keen to talk about Apprenticeships and the benefits they bring.

Support the community

As a Training Organisation it would be great to get your support for the community, and for you to encourage businesses to get involved. We believe that the more businesses are talking about Apprenticeships the more the nation’s businesses will switch on to the tremendous benefits they can bring to all of our businesses.

Social media

We would invite you to follow Apprenticemakers on Twitter and Facebook so that you can be aware of the latest updates from the project and support activities specifically designed for small businesses.