Apprenticemakers has been developed to help apprentice employers across the country make connections and ask each other questions about the benefits and challenges associated with recruiting apprentices.

Apprentices are great for businesses

We want more small businesses to run Apprenticeships schemes. They’re not only great for apprentices, giving you the skills and experience you need in the first years of your career, but they’re great for businesses too.

Apprentices give businesses a burst of energy and commitment and they help that business grow. The majority of apprentices (64% in fact) will go on to be employed by the business they complete the Apprenticeship in and therefore become an important part of that businesses’ future success.

How can you help

If you’re an apprentice you can help make Apprenticemakers a success by:

  • Letting your employer know about Apprenticemakers – tell them that by joining and answering the occasional question from other businesses tackling the Apprenticeship process, they will encourage them to take on an apprentice too!
  • Sharing your experiences of doing an Apprenticeship in a small business with us – we could even cover your Apprenticeship experience in an Apprenticemaker blog, great coverage for you and the business you work for.
  • Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and share posts or tweets that you like and if you work in small business tweet to let us know how you’re working day is going too! By sharing stories of apprentices working successfully in small businesses we can encourage even more businesses to take the next steps towards taking on an apprentice.

Get in touch

Currently the Apprenticemaker community is for employers only, so unfortunately apprentices themselves can’t join, but your experiences of being employed in a small business could be really useful and interesting to employers and training organisations. So if you have any thoughts about how Apprenticeships could be improved or developed for apprentices in small businesses, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’d love to hear from you and we’ll be able to feed that into discussions in the community and potentially on our social media channels too.