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Question Induction Plans and Initial Training

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    Matthew Lord

    Next week we plan to take on 15 to 20 new apprentices under our new “Let Me Play Sports & Education Apprenticeship Programme”. I was wondering if anyone had any good induction plans they might be able to share?

    Today we had most of the new cohort attend our “Physical Literacy” training day along with around 20 of our other staff.

    We will be putting our new apprentices through 4 weeks of training before we ask them to do any work for us but I want to make sure we give htem the best possible induction.

    Any advice would be much appreciated.

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    Katherine Dodge

    Hi Matthew, sorry I’ve only just seen your post. In my experience we induct our apprentices in the same way we do any other employee which when you add to the college induction is usually plenty. This is probably too late for you anyway and sorry I don’t have anything specific to share with you and hope it goes well.

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    Hi Matthew,

    I’m guessing that your apprentices are all inducted and settled in by now. I was wondering if you could share what you decided to do in terms of an induction, what worked well and what you might do differently in future?

    Kind regards,

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