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Question Ending an apprenticeship tidily

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    Dave Milward

    No questions yet on this forum so I thought I would start the ball rolling.
    Three years ago when I set up a new apprentice scheme I failed to be clear about the ending criteria for the apprenticeship. Every apprentice had a fixed term three year contract but they all came in at different academic levels and progressed at different rates. The question I have is for an apprentice that wants to go on to perhaps degree level whether it is better to terminate the apprenticeship and hire them as regular employees or keep extending the apprenticeship from Advanced to Higher. I feel that all apprentices dream of no longer being an apprentice, so a “promotion” to a regular employee would be good even if it removes some of the protection and guaranteed training that goes with an apprenticeship. We fully intend to let our apprentices go as high as they can on the academic ladder by day release, distance learning with OU or in their own time.

    Anyone have any thoughts

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    Lee Mason

    This is an interesting subject and one that we at Liebherr GB Ltd deliberated on for a while now. What we have decided to do is this….

    All new “apprentices” (16-24) are under an apprentice contract which lasts for the duration of the apprentice (e.g. an engineer on an intermediate apprenticeship will take two years to fufil this and therefore their initial contract is for two years. Progression pathways onto advanced and higher apprenticeships will mean an extension to their contract for the durations required based on results and targets/outcomes met. This not only motivates the apprentice but shows that there is the possibility to go higher and that they must work hard to achieve this and secure an extension.

    In the terms of full time staff that start an apprenticeship, there is no change to their working conditions or contract however we do stipulate in their contract that the word “development” could mean apprenticeship, course, training or other designated CPD form.

    Whatever happens, as long as regular reviews are being conducted and the apprentice recognises where they are in their journey, they should feel motivated to excel and perform.


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    Katherine Dodge

    Hi there, I’ve only just joined so this might be a little late but we do had the dilemma and decided to offer permanent contracts to all apprentices from day one, treat them like every other employee, but put clauses in the contract to protect us. As Lee then says above we issued a change of job title or similar to their main contract but meant we didn’t need to issue a full contract all over again. The CIPD issued a great paper that was really useful for us to review what we needed to amend and to make sure we were fully legal on the matter.

    Kind regards

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