Scott Bailye Hairdressing: Scott Bailye

Scott Bailye Hairdressing: Scott Bailye

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Scott Bailye began his successful hairdressing career as an apprentice in 1987 and now runs his own award-winning salon – Scott Bailye Hairdressing. Who better than a former apprentice to really understand the value of Apprenticeships? Scott has been training apprentices for 17 years and is enthusiastic about getting the message out to businesses and young people alike that Apprenticeships can be the start of brilliant careers.

So passionate is Scott about Apprenticeships that he has become a National Apprenticeship Ambassador for the East Midlands, as well as one of many employers that have signed up to Apprenticemakers to support other businesses. Scott, who speaks in schools and colleges about the benefits of Apprenticeships, says: “Having started my career as an apprentice I understand just how important this form of education is.  I wanted to give other people the chance to learn and grow as I did.

“Apprentices are everything to my business.  I feel very strongly that a business cannot move forward without apprentices.  Customers like to see you develop your business and particularly the people within your business.  Apprentices allow you to do this, you can train them from the very beginning and watch them grow and develop as they work their way through the business.”

The hairdresser’s ambitions to spread the word about Apprenticeships don’t end there. Scott has twice been invited to the House of Commons to further promote his cause. So keen is he to get his fellow business people creating more Apprenticeships that, next, Scott intends to create an Apprenticeships information DVD. This will provide inspiration and guidance on the combination of training and employment young people in schools and colleges can expect to receive from Apprenticeships.

Asked whether he’d encourage other businesses to recruit apprentices, Scott, who operates from Earl Shilton, Leicestershire and is currently running two Apprenticeships, says: “Go for it.  They will help your business to grow in all areas.  Apprentices are our future professionals.”

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