Napier Partnership Limited: Mike Maynard

Napier Partnership Limited: Mike Maynard


Napier Partnership Ltd is a B2B Technology, PR and Marketing Business based in West Sussex. They have delivered marketing campaigns, incorporating PR, advertising, direct marketing, events and new media, for a range of international technology clients. Last year Napier recruited their first apprentice, Freya Ward. MD, Mike Maynard, shares his experience of the apprenticeship process so far.

Picture: Freya Ward, meeting local MP Tim Loughton, after presenting at The FSB networking lunch in May 2015.

How many people does Napier employ?

We currently have 15 employees, this includes our two apprentices, and we are always looking to expand our team and are recruiting for a third apprentice.

How do you recruit apprentices?

We recruit our apprentices through Chichester College. By working with a training provider it simplifies the recruitment process and ensures we only have to manage a shortlist of candidates that all meet our requirements.

What made you choose Apprenticeships for your business?

Apprentices prove to be a great way for Napier to recruit talented, enthusiastic people to our team. We’ve also found that an apprenticeship is a great foundation for a career in marketing as it provides invaluable on-the-job practical training, a personal mentor, industry insights, and a long term, broad and balanced vision of professional development.

What Apprenticeships do you offer, and at what level?

Our apprentices are currently studying for the City and Guilds level 2 certificate in Principles of Marketing. Our first apprentice, Freya, is due to complete this course in July and is going on to study a level 4 Chartered Institute of Marketing course at Chichester College. We are looking at taking on level 3 marketing apprentices too.

How does the training work?

Our apprentices attend an evening course at the college 3 hours a week for the technical certificate, and complete a portfolio for the workplace assessment side of the course. We also provide all our staff with monthly internal training, access to several different learning online learning tools and on-the-job training as required.

Are any of the people working for you now former apprentices?

Our first apprentice, Freya, has accepted a permanent role, and will join the team as an account executive.

Would you encourage other similar businesses to get apprentices?

When we first looked at taking on apprentices we were concerned that there was going to be a lot of paperwork for very little benefit, but it really has been the opposite. Apprentices are now a key part of our recruitment strategy, and we have been consistently impressed with the quality of the candidates.

Has anything about Apprenticeships surprised you?

There have been several surprises; the quality of the apprentices, the ease of administering the scheme and the short time it takes them to get up to speed and start delivering valuable work for Napier and our clients.

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