There are many reasons for experienced apprentice employers to join Apprenticemakers. You know what it takes to employ apprentices, and that knowledge can help others to get the best out of their own Apprenticeship schemes – both for their business and for the apprentice.

Think back to that time when you first took on an apprentice and think whether you would have appreciated having somewhere to go to access the help and support of others who had already “been there, done it and got the T-shirt”.

As an established employer of apprentices, Apprenticemakers offers you the opportunity to support, motivate, guide and inspire others to take on apprentices and get the very best out of them. And by sharing experiences with others, you may also improve the way you utilise apprentices yourself.

Take the opportunity to give back to the next generation of apprentice employers by joining Apprenticemakers today.

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Why join?

Well, research has found that established apprentice employers are keen to champion Apprenticeships based on the benefits apprentices have brought their business and the young people that they have employed.

It has also been shown that business owners and professionals value the experience of others in the business community above other sources of support and are therefore more likely to take on an apprentice as a result of seeing it in action through one of their peers.

Apprentices bring numerous benefits in terms of real business growth and skills development for the apprentice and other team members, therefore by joining and supporting other businesses you’ll be helping not only the business, but the next generation of skilled workers and the wider economy.

As well as this, research has shown that sharing expertise in a mentoring type role can also bring many benefits to the individual including personal fulfillment, mentoring skills, feeling valued as a role model, an opportunity to take time out and reflect and new insight into own business activities.

Site Overview

The focus of Apprenticemakers is on creating a network of business professionals willing to support small and medium-sized businesses through the Apprenticeship process.

Creating a profile on Apprenticemakers allows you to interact with other businesses and discuss the opportunities and challenges of running Apprenticeships as a small business.

Members are able to use the active forum to interact with other businesses or search for other people by location, industry, experience, business size or one of several other options.

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The background to Apprenticemakers

Businesses across the country have discovered the benefits of recruiting apprentices. Whether it’s adding fresh skills or just an extra pair of hands, growing a business more efficiently or just because you want to provide a young person with an opportunity to prove themselves, there are plenty of good reasons for taking on an apprentice.

Despite the fact that 99% of businesses in the UK are classed as small or medium-sized enterprises (250 members of staff or less), it is generally big businesses that take advantage of Apprenticeship schemes. That’s why a recent report, The Holt Review, looked into how Apprenticeships could be made more accessible to small businesses.

When drafting the report, Jason Holt, an experienced apprentice employer himself, talked to many small business owners and discovered that like him, many small business owners were enthusiastic about championing Apprenticeships and helping others realise the benefits of recruiting an apprentice.

He recommended capitalising on this willingness of apprentice employers to share, support and inspire those new to Apprenticeships by helping them connect either just to ask questions or develop a longer term mentoring relationship.

Mentoring as an Apprenticemakers Champion

As an employer of apprentices you might also choose to upgrade your profile to Apprenticemakers Champion status by completing the short, free online course.

What does Apprenticemakers Champion mean?

An Apprenticemakers Champion is apprentice employer who is committed to championing Apprenticeships and is willing to provide additional one to one mentoring type support, maybe as simple as a phone call or quick meeting, to share their experience of employing apprentices in a one to one discussion.

Once you’ve looked through the short course, your profile will feature the Apprenticemakers Champion icon, showing you are happy to share experiences and support others. Other members will be able to find you more easily and you could help them to take on their very first apprentice. There are no formal obligations to becoming an Apprenticemakers Champion.

Even just an hour of your time a month to interact with other members, or chat one to one to a new apprentice employer that would benefit from your experience, will make a big difference.

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